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“Content, Conversations, Community – How To Build Your Social Mullet” Presentation

Below are ten take aways from the Content, Conversations, Community – How To Build Your Social Mullet presentation that I gave at the Social Media Optimization Summits in Dallas. 

Building The Social Media Mullet

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1. Everyone looks good in a mullet wig. Especially, one that is Tina Turneresque circa Mad Max beyond Thunderdome.

2. The mullet metaphor is simple. Put your best step forward with relationships. Business first. Party later. Real life is social. Real life is messy. That’s not a bad thing.

 3. Know your audience. Why do they work with you? Why do love you? Do they love you? Who are these people?

4. What’s your story? Does your business reality and your brand sync up? If your business experience is broken – fix that first. Know what your story is.

5. Take stock of your content resources. Look everywhere – both in the traditional and new media mix. You can reversion and repurpose all your content.

6. Build strategic content. Good content is king (all other content is crap). What do you want your audience to do once they’ve consumed it?

7. Conversations can be functional, banter oriented or small talk.

8. Conversations need to be started, maintained, and sometimes ended

9. Court the right influencers. Quality matters more than quantity when it comes to a network or community. The right micro-influencer can be significantly more powerful than the wrong big time influencer.

10. Define the type of community you want to build. Do you want to build an information hub or a social hub or a crisis center or all of the above?

Duncan Alney is the President of Firebelly Marketing.

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