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Facebook For Business Tip #1: Pages not Profiles

Over the next 8 weeks we’ll we sharing 8 Facebook tips for businesses. This first tip is pretty important. If your business has a Profile instead of a Business Page, then you won’t be able to utilize most of the other 11 tips we’ll be sharing.

I receive Facebook friend requests from businesses daily. I always politely decline (I don’t want to be friends with a shoe store) and send them a helpful message of “Hey, you’re missing out on some pretty neat features by having a Profile instead of a Business Page…blah blah blah.”

Pages have several advantages for businesses over Profiles, including:

1. Pages can have multiple administrators.
2. Pages provide analytics. (Facebook calls these Insights)
3. Pages are always visible to the public – whether they “Like” you or not.
4. Pages allow you to add a custom landing tab for new visitors.
5. Facebook Ads can be created for Pages.
6. Contests and sweepstakes can be run on Pages.
7. Facebook social plugins allow for people to interact with Pages outside of Facebook.

What advantages have I left off of this list? Please share them in your comments and look for Facebook For Business Tip #2: Promote Your Page Offline next week.

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Chad is Senior Social Media Manager at Firebelly Marketing, a social media marketing agency. Connect with him on Twitter and Linkedin.

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