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Monday’s 5 Social Media Must-Reads

Below are 5 social media must-reads from last week that we wouldn’t want you to miss.

26 Facebook Advertising Tips
By Garin Kilpatrick Below you will find 25 Facebook Advertising Tips that will help you get a better understanding of Facebook Ads, save money by getting a cheaper cost per click, get more clicks from your Facebook advertising.

Social Media Is Free: Social Media Marketing Is Not

By Tom Johansmeyer Like other forms of marketing, social media really does come with a cost. So, the issue becomes typical of all forms of marketing: how do you generate a return?

The Social Media Marketer’s SEO Checklist
By Jennita As the lines of SEO and Social Media continue to be blurred, it’s becoming very clear that getting a page to rank highly in the search engines takes a combination of the two disciplines. So what does the Social Media marketer need to know about SEO in order to make their social campaigns help with search rankings?

An Awesome Comparison Guide for Creating Location-Based Deals
By Lisa Peyton All the hype surrounding these new tools makes it difficult for business owners to make informed decisions about where to put their efforts. So let’s examine the facts and compare some of the more popular applications side by side.

Are We Too Obsessed With Facebook?
By Jolie O’Dell Facebook profiles are like belly buttons: Everybody’s got one. Perhaps that statement’s still a bit of an exaggeration, but by the numbers, we (that is, Internet users around the globe) are becoming more obsessed with Facebook by the day.

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