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Facebook For Business Tip #3: Use Facebook Ads

In Facebook for Business Tip #2: Promote Your Page Offline, I discussed the importance of promoting your Facebook page in various ways offline. This week, the focus is on promoting your Facebook page on Facebook – via Facebook Ads.

Using Facebook Ads will supplement efforts discussed in last week’s post. Remember: if you build it, they will not come. You need to promote you Page. According to an eMarketer report, advertising was the number one reason people “like” a Facebook page.

Creating an ad for your Facebook Page is an easy 5 step process – design it, target it, set budget, review it and pay. Use Facebook Ad Insights to test and determine the copy and images that get the highest click through rates. I’d also recommend going the CPC (cost per click) route to start so it doesn’t cost you anything if you don’t get any clicks.

Two fantastic Facebook Ads resources:
1. Facebook Official Advertising Guidelines
2. Facebook Ads Help Center

What Facebook Ads tips do you have? Share them in your comments and look for Facebook For Business Tip #4: Effective Landing Tabs next week.

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