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Facebook for Business Tip #4: Custom “Tabs”

Adding a custom tab to your Facebook Page can be an effective way to help your Page stand out from the crowd, promote exclusive “fan-only” deals, showcase a new product or simply welcome new visitors with a branded splash page. Tabs can be fancy with a lot of bells and whistles, but I recommend focusing more on news feed optimization and keeping your tabs simple.

Two simple, yet effective, tab types:
1. A graphic with a message explaining what people can expect from “Liking” your page (ie exclusive discounts, behind-the-scene access, general conversation, etc).
2. A special fan offer that will only be revealed once a person “Likes” your page.

In your page settings, you can set these up to be the default landing tab for new visitors to your page.

Both can be creating with the Static FBML application; the fan offer will require more coding than just a static image or image link, however. Note: Starting March 11, you will no longer be able to create new Static FBML tabs for your Facebook page. Existing FBML tabs will continue to work; if you haven’t added it to your page, do so today.

Not a programming whiz? No worries. There are plenty of other neat tools you can use to create custom tabs without touching a piece of code, including Pagemodo and Tabsite.

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