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Monday’s 5 Social Media Must-Reads

Below are 5 social media must-reads from last week that we wouldn’t want you to miss.

9 Ways To Build A Twitter Community With Substance By Amber Naslund Ah, Twitter. I keep seeing all these people saying “Yay! 1,000 followers!”. And then I get sad, because I think they’re really missing the point. Connecting with people is great, but don’t you want to connect with people who will enrich your experience overall?

Is Your Business Ready for the Now Revolution? By Michael Stelzner I recently interviewed Jay Baer, co-author of the brand-new book The Now Revolution and founder of the popular blog ConvinceandConvert.com. In this interview, we talk about social media marketing, Jay’s experience writing the book and about where this crazy, fast-moving industry is headed.

What Makes Facebook Fan Pages Successful? By eMarketer Well-known brands like Coca-Cola and Starbucks have had success turning their Facebook fan pages into popular sites with millions of fans. Local businesses are also leveraging the site and can learn from their global neighbors.

Facebook Isn’t (Just) A Destination By Mitch Joel I hear a lot of Marketing professionals talk about loosing interest in Facebook (some of them have even pulled the plug on their profiles). There’s this feeling of Facebook becoming the next Friendster of MySpace. Early adopters (and people highly engaged in these online channels) tend to eat their own. It’s part of the online circle of life. From my perspective these people tend to view Facebook as a destination.

Why Social Media Hasn’t Killed The Super Bowl For Advertisers By Antony Young Wasn’t the 30-second television spot meant to be dead and buried? This is 2011 after all, a time when Google, smartphones and social media sites are making big-brand TV ads seem as dated as Duran Duran and shoulder pads in women’s suits. Despite the new media onslaught, the Super Bowl has reinvented itself to be even more relevant and valuable as an advertising platform for today’s marketers.

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