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Monday’s 5 Social Media Must-Reads

Below are 5 social media must-reads from last week that we wouldn’t want you to miss.

Adding an iFrame Application to your Facebook Fan Page
By Bill Dailey Facebook recently announced that on March 11, 2011, the Static FBML application will no longer be available to be added to Pages and that no new FBML applications can be created after that date. While Facebook indicates that current Static FBML and FBML tab applications will continue to function for now, they are strongly encouraging everyone to move to using iFrame applications rather than FBML ones.

Three Paradigm Shifts to Get More from Your Facebook Fan Page
By Nate Riggs The truth is, Facebook is made of billions upon billions of bricks in the wall. Each time we choose to leave a status update, like content, leave a comment, check-in on Places, tag a friend, or share content, we add another brick to the massive wall that good ‘ol Zuck has convinced us to help build. When you look at Facebook from that lens, us marketing and PR business folks need to change how we look at using our Pages to connect our companies and clients to the world of human Facebook users.

Incinerate Your Social Media Checklist
By Jay Baer I’m scared because in their zeal to get on the social media train, companies are starting to treat it like a linear equation, like a Paula Dean recipe, like a formulaic summer blockbuster starring an impossibly handsome young man in great peril.

23 Social Media Facts to Share with Executives
By Jeff Esposito Social media is a place to share, so here is a breakdown of 23 high-level numbers and statistics that can make jaws drop, and get the hamsters in their heads turning the wheel. If you are asking why 23, well I was watching the NBA with my nephew when thinking up this post and figured I would pay homage to Jordan. Feel free to share in presentations as you like.

Facebook Advertisers: Fanatics or Lunatics?
By Taddy Hall It’s a little hard to blame Facebook for collecting billions of dollars from wishful marketers, but both Facebook and its clients are missing the far bigger opportunity of using Facebook for what it’s good at … rather than hiring it to do what it’s bad at.

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