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Why Foursquare’s Content Opportunities Are Awesome

No question that Foursquare’s continued usage growth makes it the most talked about location-based services for brands. It’s Foursquare’s customer focus that makes it truly appealing – customer focus from the standpoint that (a) you can focus on giving customers incentives, and (b) your customers can focus on you through their tips. Customer tips offer an incredible opportunity for real and meaningful content about your brand that you can use beyond Foursquare in your other web assets – not to mention the opportunity for gathering intelligence and insights. Jay Baer had an interesting story on this a couple of days ago. Read it here.

Some other benefits (beyond content through tips) that Foursquare offers include:

Engagement – especially effective when they’re done in real time or fairly quickly.

Photos – authentic, sincere and best of all user generated.

Offers – depends on what you’re trying to accomplish but a truly interesting opportunity to offer more than just a discount.

To do lists – not something I’ve personally used a lot but could be interesting in another city I suppose.

Metrics and insights – always useful to know who is patronizing your business and the associated trends.

Personal branding – really more of a benefit your business can offer users to associate themselves with your coolness (of course you have to be cool to take advantage of this one ;) and exhibit coolness credibility through association.

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