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15 Posts on How Facebook Changes May Affect Brands

Facebook rolled out a lot of changes last week. These changes have dominated the headlines – both online and off. Some users love the new Timeline. Some users hate it. Our designer, Jake Hamilton, shared his opinion in his blog post Facebook Timeline: First Impressions. As someone who helps clients navigate the constantly changing world of Facebook, I was more interested in how these changes would affect brands.

Below are 15 articles that I found helpful. I hope you do too.

1. Facebook Changes Again: Everything You Need To Know
2. What Should Facebook Page Administrators Do After F8?
3. Facebook News Feed & Other Changes: Good For Brands
4. Six Facebook Updates Brands Need to Know
5. 5 ways brands can battle Facebook News Feed changes
6. Will Timeline, Ticker, GraphRank Break Facebook Marketing?
7. The Facebook Changes That Will Make Brands Cry
8. Facebook’s new look: What does it mean for brands?
9. Does Facebook’s News Feed Punish Advertisers (Yet)?
10. What Facebook’s New News Feed Means for Your Marketing Efforts
11. Changes to Facebook Pages “Likes” Means Marketers Need to Think
12. Facebook Changes Could Make It Harder To Break Through Clutter
12. Facebook Changes Upend Advertiser and Agency Models
13. How the Facebook changes Impact Brands
14. Retooled Facebook Could Give Brands More Ways to Reach Consumers
15. Facebook’s New Verbs Have Marketers Talking

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