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7 Reasons Why The Time Is Right For Online Community

People ask me all the time for my recommendations and thoughts on building online communities – and why this is such a good time to build them. The answer is layered and yet perfectly straightforward.

  • People are less willing to commit to traditional organizations
  • People want greater transparency from traditional organizations
  • People want to make smaller commitments to more organizations
  • People don’t want to make big time commitments
  • People don’t want to drive places all the time
  • People are less conscious of being openly interested in shallow “organizations”
  • People are more willing to be openly interested and demonstrate their affinity (and sometimes a lot more) to brands

I’ve seen research on organizations with religious affiliations and nebulous community goals – and the attendance is declining. Organizations develop out of community needs. Our evolving society has also created different needs and realities.

The short answer is: this is a great time to build community online.


  • This is not to say that everybody or every organization has what it takes to build community.
  • All communities need a real world tie in. No exceptions

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