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Instagram for Businesses: 5 Must-Reads

Below are 5 must-reads on using Instagram for business that we wouldn’t want you to miss.

Instagram for business

23 Brands Using Instagram And What They’re Doing Right
By Jason Keath So the question is, can brands get real business value out of a photo sharing app that is not focused on link sharing or buying products or distributing specials to fans? The jury is still out, but there are some big brands testing the platform for spreading awareness and cultivating relationships with their biggest fans.

5 Key Takeaways From Brands Rocking Instagram

By Jessica Malnik It’s pretty natural that big brands and to a lesser extent smaller businesses are starting to jump on the Instagram bandwagon. With the very recent announcement that Instagram is coming to Android devices, I suspect that number will be increasing rapidly.

25 Ideas On Using Instagram For Business
By Bernadette Jiwa Instagram provides ‘real time’ insights into how people are interacting with the world and most probably your product. This platform will enable brands to connect directly with users and customers like never before and gain ‘real-time’ insights into how consumers are interacting with their brand.

Why Instagram Matters to Marketers: Evolving SoLoMo to SoLoMoSto
By Ann Handley At its core, Instagram allows you to tell stories visually, with a simplicity and immediacy mobile users expect. At the same time, it adds another layer of elegance and artfulness. That’s what makes its stories so appealing, and (for me) why it breaks new ground.

The Marketer’s Scoop on Instagram and How to Use It
By Corey Eridon Not everyone should be on every social network. But here are some reasons that, as a marketer, you should at least keep an eye on Instagram, if not begin participating.

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