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Presidents Day & Social Media: 5 Must-Reads

Today is Presidents Day in the U.S. Below are 5 must-reads related to things presidential and social media that we wouldn’t want you to miss.

Presidents Day Social Media

Celebrate #PresidentsDay 2012 Social Media Style
By Sarah Evans Monday, February 20, is Washington’s birthday or, as we know it, Presidents’ Day. Why not follow your FAVE POTUS and former POTUSes (does that work?) on Twitter? Don’t forget about Pinterest. If you’re looking for craft ideas, activities or even apparel to celebrate–you KNOW you’ll find it there.

The Next President Must Have an Integrated Social Media Strategy

By Daniel Burrus When President Obama became president, it was widely reported that he used social media and technology to help gain the momentum and the votes he needed. Today, if we look at the Republican candidates and their use of social media, we see that each has a lopsided social media strategy at best.

President’s Day Whimsy — I Wish These 5 Presidents Used Twitter
By Anthony Marcusa This President’s Day, as we remember some of the greatest leaders in history, let’s take a flight of fancy and imagine what fun it would have been had these past Commanders-in-Chief themselves tweet. Thus, suspending all disbelief, here is the list of the five Presidents who I wish could have used Twitter.

A YouTube Tribute To Presidents’ Day
By Mike Barthel The Electric Six’s “Jimmy Carter” is, as far as I’m concerned, the single best song ever written about the American presidency. (Well, the American presidency and boy bands.) But there are a lot of excellent runners-up! What do we really know about our first president? Well…

Hail To These Presidential Apps
By Rene Guzman Who hasn’t wanted to smack some sense into a president or pit him against aliens? Or maybe you’d rather focus on the more memorable verbiage of our commanders in chief, such as “Read my lips.” For Presidents Day, we found apps that make it fun to learn about our nation’s leaders — or, at least, have fun throwing them into absurd small-screen adventures.

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