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The Super Bowl & Social Media: 5 Must-Reads

It’s been an exciting week for sports (and social media) enthusiasts here in Indianapolis! Below are 5 must-reads on Super Bowl XLVI and social media that we wouldn’t want you to miss.

Super Bowl Social Media Indianapolis

Who Won the Social Media #SuperBowl? (Infographic)
By Kyle Lacy At the ExactTarget Social Media Lab we looked at the nexus between the game, advertisers, and consumer social activity to see which brands made the most of the opportunity and here is what we found.

Why the Super Bowl’s Social Media Command Center Scores a Winning Touchdown

By Elizabeth Lupfer An exclusive, in-depth look into the Super Bowl’s first ever social media command center, the folks who ran it, and how the convergence of technology and people created the ultimate online Super Bowl experience.

Super Bowl Ads That Scored in Social Media
By Lauren Sher How did your favorite ads play out socially? How did the parade of dogs — Volkswagen Dog, Sketcher’s Dog, and Budwesier’s Dog — compare to the “sex sells” model seen in the Go Daddy, Teleflora and M&M spots? Check out the top 10 most-buzzed about list in the social sphere below.

Super Bowl XLVI Breaks Social Media Records
By Simon Dumenco Bluefin Labs has so far tracked more than 12.2 million social-media comments during and after Super Bowl XLVI, primarily on Twitter and Facebook. That’s a 578% increase over the total Bluefin tracked last year (1.8 million).

Biggest, Record-Setting Social Media Moments Of The Super Bowl
By Cory Bergman Trendrr said this year’s Super Bowl had approximately 5X the social activity over last year. The data is still coming in, and here’s our early crack at the biggest social media moments of the Super Bowl.

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