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(Social Media) Haters Gonna Hate

According to Urban Dictionary, “a hater is a person that develops a strong dislike for another, solely basing their own opinion on personal judgment rather than objective merit. The formation of a hater’s contempt commonly arises from jealously and/or resentment.” At one time or another you will come across these people, offline and online. But, it’s a fact of life that they are everywhere.

You may find these people in your Facebook community, for example. Here are pros and cons to hating online:

  • On the one hand, they have outlets on social media where they can voice their negativity to a large group of people quickly and with little effort.
  • On the other hand, haters are now exposing themselves. It’s no longer just saying things behind someone’s back, it’s online—the whole world can read it.

You can’t really stop a hater from saying things. But, you can build a community with conversation and engagement that will lead to advocates. It’s important to have a crisis plan in place for any community for this very reason. If you have built a strong community based on trust and humanization your advocates can be your saving graces.

Have you built an army of advocates that will help fight those haters and police the community for you when they come knocking?

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