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How To Change Your Facebook Page Name

Facebook has finally made changing your Page name a bit easier. Here’s how to do it. View your Page’s Admin Panel, click the Help link, then scroll down and click ‘Request a name change for your Page.’ Below is a screenshot of what it looks like and where to go:

How To Change Your Facebook Page Name

Once you’ve clicked that, you’ll be taken to a name change request form. Enter your desired new Page name, tell Facebook why you want to change your Page name and then upload the documentation Facebook requires to expedite the change. They recommend using a utility or phone bill that clearly shows the name and address of your business.

How To Change Your Facebook Page Name Form

Unfortunately, Facebook cannot (will not?) change your Page URL along with your name change. So if ABC Plumbing changed its name to XYZ Plumbing, XYZ Plumbing’s Facebook address would still remain facebook.com/ABCPlumbing. Hopefully this is something that will change in the future.

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