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The ROI of Pinterest: 5 Must-Reads

Here are 5 must-reads on the ROI of Pinterest that we don’t want you to miss.

ROI of Pinterest

What’s the ROI of Pinterest?
By Geoff Livingston Well known social media experts like to slough off tough questions about return on investment (ROI) with flip phrases like, “What’s the ROI of your mom?” Now it’s time to turn the tables and ask social media experts, “What’s the ROI of Pinterest?”

Why Big Consumer Brands Have Yet to Tap Pinterest’s Potential

By Lauren Drell There’s a very captive and engaged audience on Pinterest — but why, then, aren’t you seeing some of your favorite big brands on the site? We spoke to a handful of media agencies — the people who help brands develop their marketing strategies — about why Pinterest isn’t catching on with big consumer brands despite its status as a runaway success for smaller brands.

Pinterest: Why It’s Worth The Investment, And How To Get Your ROI
By Dharol Tankersley Pinterest may cause you to groan and look for excuses to opt out of maintaining yet another communication channel. Unfortunately Pinterest is increasingly looking like a medium marketers shouldn’t ignore; fortunately, it also looks like a medium that delivers significant ROI, and might not require the level of investment required by Facebook or a blog.

Assigning Pinterest Value
Olin Graczyk Pinterest no longer needs an explanation. You’re probably getting attacked from every angle with content, success stories, best practices, and how-to articles for getting your brands on Pinterest. You’re not going to get that here. What you will get, is some outside-the-box thinking for assigning value to your Pinterest endeavor.

Pinning Email to Pinterest for Faster ROI
By Deb McAlister-Holland Once you’ve determined that Pinterest is for you and your brand, follow the social media best practices you’ve learned in other media. Be relevant, be active, be social. Then start pinning email to Pinterest for faster ROI, by linking your email marketing campaigns to your Pinterest usage. Here are the five most productive ways to increase social media ROI by linking the two.

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