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Facebook’s IPO: 5 Must-Reads

Here are your 5 must-reads on Facebook’s IPO that we don’t want you to miss.

Facebook IPO

Facebook IPO? Flat. Facebook future? Bright.
By Charles Arthur Facebook IPO generated no big stock gains on its first day of trading. But Facebook has many of the traits that made Apple, Microsoft, and Google great in the long run.

The Failure of Facebook’s IPO
By Tim Worstall It might sound a little strange claiming that a company which has just launched a huge IPO has in some way failed. Yet looking around at the the weekend’s details of Facebook‘s float on Friday it’s difficult not to come away with the feeling that something has gone wrong.

10 Things Facebook Should Spend Its IPO Money On
By Peter Pachal There’s no shortage of projects that Facebook can and should tackle head-on with its newfound cash, but it needs to prioritize. Everything from mobile to ecommerce to pure research and development are ripe for investment, but the company can’t do everything at once.

Facebook IPO Spawns New Wave Social-Media Angel Investors
By Ari Levy and Lee Spears Facebook Inc.’s initial public offering is poised to create some 850 new millionaires, spawning a new class of angel investors looking to help other startups build on the popularity of the biggest social network.

Facebook IPO Flop Or Not: Did You Close Your Facebook Account?
By TJ McCue Now that the Facebook IPO has come and gone, did you close your Facebook account? Did any of your friends? There is no sarcasm intended with these questions. But the answer is: Probably not.

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