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Facebook Offers: 5 Must-Reads

Here are 5 must-reads on Facebook Offers that we don’t want you to miss.

Facebook Offers

Facebook’s “Offers” News Feed Coupons Launch In Self-Serve Beta For Local U.S. Businesses
By Josh Constine Today any local U.S. business can start using Facebook’s Offers product – free-to-create coupons that businesses can share to the news feed, and that users can bring to brick-and-mortar stores for redemptions.

Facebook launches Offers: Coupons in your News Feed

By Emil Protalinski As expected, Facebook has launched its new Offers service, just eight months after killing Facebook Deals. More information is available at facebook.com/help/offers, but it should be noted this is a gradual rollout, as always.

How to Launch Facebook Offers in Minutes
By James Meyer One of the most powerful features you can use to promote your business is Facebook Offers. That’s the good news. The even better news is that it takes just minutes to create an offer. Here we will go step by step from idea to redemption.

Facebook Offers: Yet Another Social Deals Attempt
By Mark Hachman Facebook Deals died last year. So, uh, long live Facebook Offers? Facebook Offers is based on users “liking” the Facebook page owned by a business. If they do, Offers allows the business to send the customer/fan a special deal, such as a discount on a cup of coffee.

Facebook May Have Finally Nailed Local Offers
By Mikal E. Belicove Helping local businesses with a presence on Facebook identify, engage and increase repeat purchases from customers through a frictionless loyalty and direct marketing solution that integrates with Offers would be a genius move.

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