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“Not All Fans Are Created Identical”: The Jeff Widman Interview

First of all – let me say that Jeff Widman, Co-Founder of PageLever, and numerous other top talent will be speaking at All Facebook Marketing Expo. This is a wonderful opportunity to interact one-on-one with these people in a small conference environment. [Disclaimer: I'm moderating at the conference as well; as is my colleague Todd Tweedy. Firebelly is and has been a client of PageLever for sometime now.]

Facebook Insights leave marketers feeling unsatisfied and wishing for more useful data to improve performance.

Enter Jeff Widman, Co-Founder of PageLever. Big brands like YouTube and Mashable have bought into Jeff’s and PageLever’s different way of Facebook analytics. 

A guy that has never been one to take “the system” or any system at face value. He’s always looking for better, more efficient means of getting things done. And that’s what PageLever aims to do–provide deeper analytics offerings based on Facebook Insights. I’m a big fan of people who don’t accept mediocrity. Jeff’s one of those people. We’re both on a panel at All Facebook Marketing Expo on June 28 and 29 in San Francisco.

What’s the core value that PageLever provides?
PageLever provides actionable analytics for your Facebook page. We believe effective marketing is not about accumulating the most fans–it’s about reaching the right people with content that gets those people to take action. PageLever helps marketers identify the right people and the right content. When MTV India started using PageLever, they figured out how to increase clicks on their photos by 12.9 times.

What’s the footprint of PageLever? Fans and brands wise?
4 of the top 10 Facebook pages use PageLever, and across all our customers’ pages we measure more than 1 billion fans. Customers you might recognize include YouTube, MTV, Intel, and Mashable.

3 tips to get the most of out of Facebook analytics?
1) Start with the basics–figure out the patterns across your high-performing and low-performing posts. I have discovered so many easy wins doing this–it just takes an hour to look at the posts that performed best over the past 6 months for impressions/reach/shares/comments/likes. For example, just the other day, a customer discovered that for their audience, posts about “Android” drove twice the comments of posts about “Apple”.

2) Whenever you see a metric that’s spiking unexpectedly, figure out why. A skilled analytics person is looking not just for answers, but for the unexpected–often that leads to a breakthrough insight you never would have discovered otherwise.

3) Not all fans are created identical, so use the demographic reports to figure out who your engaged fans actually are. If they’re different than your ideal customer profile, then you need to figure out why–whenever these two demographic groups unexpectedly diverge, you’re probably overlooking a potential marketing opportunity. The tricky part is determining whether to adjust your Facebook marketing or your non-Facebook marketing.

Has timeline has affected fan interactions (some reports have said in a positive way and some have said negatively).
Nothing to share just yet.

I’d also be interested to know what the Top 3 metrics are that brands and page admins should be paying close attention to.
As a general rule, focus on engagement, shares, and reach (unique impressions) for posts, rather than total impressions or total fans. I distinguish shares from other forms of engagement because they are so much more viral.

Also, what are some new features/metrics you’re working on?
We just rolled out post-tagging–this is probably the feature I’m most excited about of anything we’ve done yet because it’s so easy to get value, and yet the deeper you dig, the more value you can get from it. We also just rolled out PageGroups, which are super handy for agencies, franchises, and anyone who’s managing multiple pages at once.

So there you have it. Jeff Widman and PageLever offer a way to leave you with a satisfied feeling with your Facebook analytics. You up to it?

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