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Facebook Actions And The Verbification Of The World

During the 2012 AllFacebook Marketing Conference opening keynote, tech evangelist Robert Scoble led panelists in a discussion on The Verbification of the World.


While ‘Facebook’ itself has become a verb (e.g. “Go Facebook him and find out who he is.”), the conversation focused primarily on Facebook Actions – a way of interacting with apps, content and brands (and getting their data into Timelines) that goes beyond the traditional ‘Like.’

The panelists agreed on 2 things:

‘Like’ can be limiting

‘Like’ can be a limiting verb – especially if you’re creating controversial content or posting negative news items. Nobody wants to ‘Like’ a “scams against the elderly article,” for example. But you still want readers to take an action so that your content is amplified (more on ‘amplified’ in a later post – it was the big buzz word at this year’s conference).

Find the right verbs for your brand

Even if Facebook ‘Like’ is working to amplify your brand and its content, they recommended identifying and creating a list of brand-specific verbs that could be used for future efforts. Examples given were Foodspotting’s ‘Want,’ Ticketmaster’s ‘I just bought’ and Spotify’s ‘Listened to.’

We’ll have more from the 2012 AllFacebook Marketing Conference in future posts. Stay tuned!

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