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Facebook Pages: Using Content & Conversation to Build Community

During the AllFacebook Marketing Conference, I was particularly excited about attending the Facebook Pages: Using Content & Conversation to Build Community session. After all that is a large part of what we do everyday for our clients.

I was somewhat disappointed when the session was called to an end because it felt as though the panelists were just starting to scratch the surface. However, I did come out of the session with some interesting opinions, statistics and tips for community managers.

Here are some highlights from the panelists:

  • Be authentic to your brand
  • Engagement is 20% greater outside of office hours
  • Engagement is 20% higher when there are no more than 80 characters in the post
  • Fans are more likely to click on a full link rather than using a link shortener, such as bitly
  • Engagement is 180% higher for a photo album compared to one, two or three photos
  • Engagement is 100% higher for videos

The points above are a great starting point if you are new to community management, but also a great refresher for the those that are in the trenches doing this stuff everyday. Another great resource to help with your Page is Best Practices for Pages Admins.

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