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Facebook Changes ‘Reach’ Metric: 4 Must-Reads

We don’t want you to miss these 4 must-reads on new changes Facebook made to its Reach metric.

Facebook Reach Changes

Facebook Radically Changes ‘Reach’ Metric: How You Were Affected
By Corey Eridon Have you checked out your Facebook Insights lately? Did you notice that your ‘Reach’ number was a little out of whack? Did you freak out?

Facebook changed its Reach metric – will it impact your business page?
By Sara Villegas If you use Facebook to market your business (and who doesn’t these days?) you might have noticed a little change when you viewed the Insights for your business page in the past couple of weeks.

Facebook Quietly Announces Major Analytics Flub
By Dan Wilkerson This is a pretty big disappointment for social marketers everywhere. Without reliable metrics, we can’t make informed and strategic decisions. Between this and the many other changes Facebook has made over the past few months, historical data is now completely worthless.

Facebook updates page insights to make reach metric more accurate, include mobile
By Brittany Darwell Facebook today made two changes that will help page owners understand the true reach of their posts. The reach metric in page insights will now include mobile data and the desktop News Feed will no longer count reach until a user scrolls and loads the page’s story, the company tells us.

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