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How Often Should You Update Your Facebook Page?

No matter what the session topic was at the AllFacebook Marketing Conference, when it came time for Q&A, the same question was frequently asked: “How often should we update our Facebook page?”

How Often Should You Update Your Facebook Page?

Answers given were as varied as the presenters. Here’s a compilation:

  • “Once a day.”
  • “At least once a day and at a consistent time so that people can rely on it.”
  • “Once a day at different times each day so you reach a wider audience.”
  • “I’ve seen data that shows every other day was most effective.”
  • “84% of your fans never see anything you post so post 4-5x a day if you’re a content producer.”
  • “You don’t have to post every single day. Focus on quality over quantity.”
  • “Whenever you have something of value to say or share.”

We explored this question in our Best Days And Best Times To Update Your Facebook Page post in November of last year and it looks like the answer is still the same: there is no correct answer. You really do just need to test different frequencies with your community and see which works best.

Tip: Use a tool like Edgerank Checker Pro. It will analyze your updates from the past 90 days and make recommendations on optimal posting frequency. It’s not perfect, but you can take their feedback and test it as a start.

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