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Brand Discovery: The First Step In A Social Strategy

Based on my extensive work with brands at Firebelly, brand discovery is an essential part of the any marketing strategy, including social. It’s imperative for brands to know this information whether they are working with an agency or not.

From there, Firebelly meets with the client and runs through discovery questions – the meat and potatoes. By talking with the client you hear the passion in their voice and hear them explain the big picture, personality and uniqueness of the brand.

As a community manager, we need to know:

  • The vision for the brand
  • Marketing objectives
  • The personality of the brand
  • Why people do business with the brand
  • What value does the brand provide
  • Key messages
  • Audience demographics
  • What stories can be told
  • Industry hot buttons

It’s important to get all the marketing ducks in row at this initial stage in order to set the goals, marketing objectives and expectations for a social strategy program. If you don’t this now, it will be things extremely difficult for everyone as things progress.

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