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2 Cool (And Free!) Instagram Analytics Tools

I love Instagram. My favorite filter, and therefore the one I use the most, is X-Pro II. My followers, however, seem to prefer when I use the Earlybird filter. Those photos received the most engagement by way of likes and comments.

Instagram analytics

How do I know this? Well, I could have scrolled through all of my photos and tallied it up, but who has time for that? Not this guy (and I’m sure you don’t either).

I used Statigram and cross-referenced it with the Simply Measured Free Instagram Analytics report.

Learn more about:

• Top performing filters and photo tags

• Best days and time for engagement

• Engagement outside of Instagram (on Facebook and Twitter)

• Top photos based on total engagements across all channels

• Your most active commenters

Both tools are free. I suggest you give them a try and adjust your Instagram efforts (if necessary) accordingly. Are you on Instagram? Share your username in a comment. I’m always looking for more folks to follow.

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