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A Social Media Bubble Burst? 5 Must-Reads

There’s been a lot of talk about an upcoming (or existing) social media bubble burst. Here’s the scoop:

Social Media Bubble Burst

The Social Media Bubble Starts to Burst
By Rick Newman Score one for the Luddites: Social media really does seem to be overblown, at least as a business proposition.

Social Media Investment Bubble Has Popped
By John Shinal Facebook shares plunge to new lows as Zynga sees a raft of downgrades on a weak earnings report. Has the social media investment bubble burst?

Is The Social Media Bubble Finally Popping?
By Jesse Colombo Falling social media stock prices are making fools out of wildly optimistic Wall Street stock analysts and are causing billionaire (or former billionaire) social media company founders to lose fortunes.

Social media, until recently a hot sector, faces growing skeptics
By John Boudreau Social media, until recently the hottest sector in Silicon Valley, is now getting the cold shoulder from investors, downgrades from analysts and criticism from some fans.

Facebook bubble shows every sign of bursting
By Nick Farrell Ever since Facebook announced its over-priced IPO we have been warning that unless there were some significant changes at the company, it was a bubble waiting to burst.

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