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3 Ways To Tell If Facebook Fans Like The Content You’re Curating

You’re curating content on your Facebook page. You hope and think your fans appreciate it, but how do you know? Here are 3 indicators that will help give you a clue.

Facebook Content Curation


Okay, so this one’s a little obvious. But if the content is getting a lot of positive comments, Likes and shares, then there’s a good chance it’s going over well with your audience.


Are people actually clicking through to read the articles you’re curating? This is more of a hidden indicator, but one you shouldn’t ignore. You can find this data in your page Insights.

Negative Feedback

Another less visible indicator that shouldn’t be ignored. If a significant number of fans are clicking to hide your content, or report it as spam, then you want to rethink your content approach. Check page Insights.

How do you gauge your curation efforts on Facebook?

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