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3 New Features On Pinterest

Over the past couple months, Pinterest has made a few changes to its pin-tastic platform. Many of these changes have been subtle, and the average user would not notice. However, there are 3 features that have been added that all users will benefit from. Below are the features that will both improve the user experience, and expand Pinterest’s user base. 

1. Expanding languages 

In late August, Pinterest rolled out to new languages – German and Dutch. Languages already offered were Spanish, Portuguese, and English. Pinterest will continue to go global, allowing more and more business take advantage of this visual platform all around the world.

2. Expanding categories

In late July, Pinterest added three new categories to its selection – Quotes, Tattoos and Weddings. If any of categories pertain to your business it’s a good idea to include them in your boards and pins because it will help users easily find your content. From there, they can of course share it with their followers.

3. Open registration

In early August, Pinterest moved from invitation only to open registration after two years. Users not yet on Pinterest can easily go to the site and sign up. It also opened registration to an email address if you don’t want to use your Twitter or Facebook account to sign up. The community on Pinterest will continue grow with less obstacles for users to sign up, in turn, growing the exposure of your business.

For more up-to-date information on Pinterest, visit: http://blog.pinterest.com/.

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