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How To Run An Instagram Photo Contest

Interested in running an Instagram photo contest? Check out these 3 must-reads.

Instagram Photo Contest

How To Host A Photo Contest On Instagram
From Instagram Blog Photo contests are a great way to increase visibility of your brand on Instagram. We asked Deftones and the brains behind the contest, Velvet Hammer Music and Management Group, for some tips on running a successful photo contest on Instagram. Here’s their advice.

Statigram Makes Instagram Contests Easier
By Phil Gonzalez As you may have noticed, more and more brands are opening accounts on Instagram and photo contests are becoming a very good way to get in touch and interact with their customers.

How To Run A Contest On Instagram
By Sarah Burns One way to really grow your community on Instagram is to run a contest or giveaway. The big boys such as National Geographic, Surf Magazine and Bliss have all ran an Instagram contest. So why not you!

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