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Ever since I decided my major would be strategic communications, I learned one word very quickly: clutter.

Getting through the clutter in today’s world is a challenge, but it is something that must be done. The amount of information that consumers get on a daily basis is overwhelming, and can have marketers wondering if their message is getting through.

Recently I sat in on a presentation given by Joe Arcuri, VP of Beauty Care for North America at Proctor & Gamble. He came and spoke to students in my major at Butler University about brand building in the digital space. Here are a few of the points I think everyone  in the marketing world should know:

Your competition is EVERYONE

At the beginning of his presentation, Arcuri shared with us different YouTube videos that all of us knew like the Manning brother’s football on your phone video and the videos with the voiceover animals. While these have nothing to do with beauty at all, which is Arcuri’s main focus at Proctor & Gamble, he used these videos to point out that since everyone is fighting for space, they are still his competition.

Move people

In the digital world people can avoid anything that you produce. As marketers our goal should be to capture people’s imaginations. Arcuri mentioned how great ideas come from human insights and don’t need explaining. They can just execute themselves.  He gave a great example with Oral-B’s YouTube video “The Power of Dad.” The video takes YouTube clips of real people in real situations with their fathers. Ultimately, this idea is one that ties our relationships with our fathers back to the Oral-B brand. Something that I loved that Arcuri said in his presentation is to build brands that move people by making them think and then making them buy.

Learn a lot, spend a little, and fail fast

With the digital space being so fast spaced and constantly changing it is important to learn from your mistakes, but not dwell on them. The faster you can figure out what needs to change, the faster you can turn things around for the better.

While most of these are probably obvious to those in the world of marketing, or any form of communication for that matter, sometimes we all need a little reminder.

There is not a time in my life where I have not used the Internet. From fourth grade using the Internet to do research for projects to now using the Internet as the main source for compiling information for my job here at Firebelly, the Internet has always been in my life. While  many people my age can’t imagine life without the Internet, other generations know what it was like before the Internet existed. The Internet has changed the way we buy things, communicate, and do research, but now more than ever it is changing higher education.

Recently I had the privilege of sitting in on a strategic vision plan for Butler University. While we discussed many different ideas and challenges the university faces,we also focused on the new innovative ways of teaching in higher education. One of these ways is the use of “mooc”, massive open online sources, universities such as Harvard and M.I.T are using these as the new way of teaching. While there is still much debate about mooc, which you can see in this article from the New Yorker, the fact of the matter is that the Internet is changing the traditional classroom.

The Internet is not just changing the classroom setting for education, it is also changing the way professors communicate with students and how university admissions offices communicate with potential students. As you will see in the infographic below 85% of college admissions offices are using social media. Currently I am blogger for Butler University admissions and last Fall semester alone I received 8,000 views on my blog.  Incoming students are not only checking out university blogs, but also using Facebook to meet roommates or follow their university on twitter for tips and upcoming events. In the world of higher education there are now jobs for social media specialists. Who knows the power of your social media may be lying in the hands of your school’s mascot. For example, at Butler University our mascots Blue 2 and Trip aka Blue 3 tweet about their lives. Combined Blue 2 and Blue 3 boast a 20,000 follower count. As education takes a turn on social media as well as in the classroom, maybe your next class will be online.

Does the university you attended/attend currently use social media? What are your thoughts on universities switching to more online courses?




With mobile technology rapidly growing and changing it is exciting to see what we can expect to happen in the future.  I discovered an article written by JWT on the 13 Mobile Trends for 2013 and picked out a few that I already see happening in my own mobile use.

Million Ways To Say Hi

Yes we still make calls on our mobile phones, the original purpose, but today there are so many faster, more exciting, and richer ways to stay connected to our friends and family.  With apps such as FaceTime, Skype, and SnapChat we can visually connect with our friends for a more personal, and fun, way of communication.

Revolutionizing Transactions

Mobile devices have the potential to revolutionize transactions in places where bank account cards are the exceptions.  Mobile devices offer a way to make payments whether that is the water bill, paying for groceries, or loaning a friend money.  I am an avid user of Chase QuickPay, a feature on the Chase Banking App that allows me to send and receive money from friends and family, whether they bank with Chase or not.

Video Unleashed

It is ironic to think about how for a while SmartPhones were getting smaller and smaller, but today the screens are starting to get larger, while the width of the phone slims down.  Today’s mobile devices, whether an iPhone, Android, or tablet, are offering larger, more clear screens with the capability of viewing movies, TV shows, and even live sporting events.  I am an owner of a Nexus 7, which I bring everywhere, and routinely watch Netflix’s and downloaded movies while at the gym, traveling, or just lying in bed.

Mobile as a Sixth Sense

This may be my favorite part of my mobile devices – the capability to look up anything, anywhere, in a matter of seconds.  Ask anyone; whenever I have a question I look it up.  Often at dinner, during simple conversations, I will whip out my phone to search for the answer.  My sister makes fun of me, saying I’m a bit nerdy, but really I just appreciate the gift of mobile technology and plan to take full advantage of it.

The National Federation of Professional Trainers (NFPT), a Lafayette, Indiana-based, organization that has been certifying fitness trainers since 1988, is celebrating its 25th Anniversary this year! We’ve recently helped them launch its Best Workout Face Photo Contest on Facebook to celebrate.


NFPT is running a photo contest through April 28 for one winner to receive $500! Also, everyone who enters will receive 25% off any NFPT course now through the month of May. We will announce the winner on April 29.

Click here to enter:

Good luck to all who enter!! Let’s see your best workout face!


Firebelly is excited to be working with on its first Facebook Photo Contest. The eCommerce Photo Contest is running now through March 26 for 2 winners to each receive one free year of the eCommerce Premium Package – which includes hundreds of design templates and design tools, real-time inventory tracking and product catalog management, integrates with UPS, USPS, and FedEx in providing accurate quotes for shipping, take payments in real-time and use PayPal® and Google Checkout®, mobile eCommerce website! In addition to the two grand prize winners, everyone who enters will receive a free 4-week eCommerce Trial Package.

All you have to do to enter this contest is fill out the entry form, including a photo of and/or the eCommerce product you currently sell or would like to start selling along with a caption that explains why you should win this amazing eCommerce prize!

The Photo Contest entry period ends March 17, so now is your last chance! The voting period is March 18 through March 26. We will announce the winners on April 1. Click here to enter:

Good luck to all who enter!!

Over the last month or so Twitter has designed its platform to compete with ever changing Facebook. Many have their opinions about the redesign, but it’s the right move for Twitter to allow users to tell their stories more visually.

New Twitter Features:

  • Header Image: The new header image on a Twitter profile ressembles Facebook’s cover image.
  • Photo Stream: The photo stream has moved to better real estate on your profile page along with six photos rather than four photos.
  • Like Button: Twitter is been experimenting with a new like button – replacing the old Favorite button for a limited number of users.
  • Mobile Apps: Twitter has also created mobile apps to reflect these changes.

These new features are not updated automatically to Twitter profiles, but it is optional. This is an excellent time to review and make changes to your profile – everything from your bio to your images. At Firebelly, we are excited about these changes because it allows people and brands alike to tell their story and express themselves more through Twitter than ever before.

Do you like Twitter’s redesign or are they being too much like Facebook?

Firebelly is excited to be working with two amazing new clients: Heartland Truly Moving Pictures and Cerulean Restaurant opening in the City Way development in downtown Indianapolis. We’ve recently helped them both launch Facebook sweepstakes offering exclusive VIP prizes. To enter or find out more information see below.

Heartland’s All-Access Fest Passes Sweepstakes

This year is the 21st Annual Heartland Film Festival. In an effort to generate buzz and build excitement before the opening night, Heartland is giving away 2 all-access festival passes – which includes unlimited film screenings and entry into the Opening Night Event, Awards Ceremony, Family Movie Event, Filmaker’s Brunch: Reel Conversations, Closing Night Event & After Party, as well as the Filmmaker Lounge Bus. In addition to the grand prize winner, 9 other lucky winners will receive a 4-packs of tickets to screenings of their selection.

The sweepstakes ends October 16, so now is your last chance to enter! Click here to enter:

Cerulean’s Dinner in the Catacombs Sweepstakes

Cerulean is running a sweepstakes through October 28 for 4 winners to receive 2 tickets to the exclusive Dinner in the Catacombs beneath City Market on Halloween night. Cerulean will be creating a special menu for the dinner along with a wine pairing. This is the first time City Market has allowed anyone to hold a dinner down there, so what better time than on All Hallows Eve!

We will announce the winners on October 29. Click here to enter:

Good luck to all who enter!! Which sweepstakes prize would you love to win?

Here are 5 must-reads on the LinkedIn hack in which more than 6 million users’ passwords were stolen.

Linkedin logo

LinkedIn Hacked: How To Protect Yourself Online
By Dave Johnson Security problems are pervasive, and any site that requires a password is susceptible to this sort of thing. That’s why it’s time to review the essential requirements to keeping your passwords safe and secure.

LinkedIn Breach Puts Site’s Reputation On The Line
By Jim Finkle and Jennifer Saba LinkedIn Corp’s silence on the extent of a security breach that exposed millions of user passwords has damaged its reputation among some business professionals, and may slow the growing company’s rise if the breach turns out to be more serious than disclosed.

LinkedIn Says Zero Accounts Have Been Compromised As A Result Of The Password Leaks
By Tom Cheredar In a blog post reaffirming its commitment to security yesterday, LinkedIn claimed that it has no evidence of any accounts being compromised as a result of the security breach.

LinkedIn Defends Reaction in Wake of Password Theft
By Shayndi Rice and Ben Worthen The social-networking service for professionals has been criticized for not including an extra layer of password security known as salting, and for not having a chief security officer. LinkedIn moved to reassure customers about the security of their data.

Lax Security At LinkedIn Is Laid Bare
By Nicole Perlroth That LinkedIn was attacked did not surprise anyone. Companies’ computer systems are attacked every day. What has surprised customers and security experts alike is that a company that collects and profits from vast amounts of data had taken a bare-bones approach to protecting it.

AF Expo, presented by AllFacebook, is an inside look at Facebook innovations and technology issues jointly impacting marketers and social developers. Packed with case studies and real-world perspectives, AF Expo offers attendees insights into Facebook marketing and development, as well as a sneak peek at the latest Facebook data, demographics and design issues.

Firebelly’s Duncan Alney and Chad Richards will be participating in the following 2 sessions:

Planning a Contest on Facebook? Fatal Mistakes and Hidden Success

June 29, 2:00-3:00pm
In this illuminating panel, we’ll examine five distinct contests and sweepstakes run on Facebook, highlighting key mistakes as well as learnings. What is allowed versus what items are surprisingly not allowed? How much traffic and how many entries can you reasonably expect? What are the biggest mistakes made in setting up, executing, judging and measuring contest success? How do you prevent your traffic from dying when the contest is over? Best practices gleaned from contests that include photos, essays, and videos; as well as micro-promotions are all part of the conversation.
Amy Millard – Chief Marketing Officer, Wildfire Interactive Inc.
Chad Richards – Director of Social Marketing, Firebelly Marketing
Dennis Yu – Managing Principal of Facebook Marketing, Webtrends

Facebook Pages: Using Content and Conversation to Build Community
June 29, 4:30-5:30pm
Now that they’ve begun to like your page, learn how to use content and conversation to develop deeper affinity and foster relationships. This session delves into the fine details of using cohesive branding, setting community expectations, stimulating dialog and increasing peer to peer interaction through live authenticity and a persuasive call to action. It will also touch on how to identify evangelists and detractors, and work with them; as well as how to leverage Facebook insights. Bonus content on how to develop intelligence based on community activity is all part of the discussion.
Duncan Alney - President, Firebelly Marketing
Duane Brown – Strategy Director, Creative Traction
Michael Jaindl – Chief Client Officer, Buddy Media
Hyla Molander – Author and Founder of Widowed Web on Facebook
Brandon Pierce – Regional Sales Director, Facebook
Ekaterina Walter – Social Media Strategist, Intel Corporation
Todd Tweedy – Managing Director, Audience Machine

On Thursday, December 30th 2010, Firebelly was named Most Ethical Social Media Company at the 2010 Indiana Social Media Summit.

The Indiana Social Media Summit recognizes leading businesses and individuals at the forefront of social media from the state of Indiana. Firebelly was among 12 Indiana social media companies nominated for the Most Ethical Social Media Company award.

We were honored to receive the award and be recognized for the quality (and ethical) work we do for our clients.

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