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Your Current Approach to Marketing Could Make You Irrelevant. Fast.

If you and your marketing team are still operating in a paradigm of business as usual, you are in a very difficult position. In fact, you might be facing extinction. These strong words are part of Duncan Alney’s upcoming keynote presentation — Agile Marketing: How To Change The Way Your Marketing Works — at MixWest 2014. I cornered Duncan this morning to break down some of the essential components that make up agile marketing.
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facebook consumptionsGil C /

Interactions — likes, comments, shares — are only half of the engagement story on Facebook.

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Facebook Contest Fail

Not every Facebook contest is a success. Here are five common reasons why they fail.

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A lot has happened over the past week, including the much needed revamp of Google Places into a new suite of tools now called Google My Business. Take a look at some of this week’s top stories to help you optimize your marketing strategy.

How to Spot the Weakest Part of Your Blog Post (and What to Do About It) by Stefanie Flaxman

What does a rough draft of a blog post have in common with all the other blog posts by all the other content creators in your niche? Too much.

7 Ways to Maximize SEO on Your WordPress Site by Brandon Seymour

After several years of experience working as an SEO and web design consultant on quite a few different WordPress sites, I put together some actionable tips to help WordPress site owners improve their on-page SEO strategy and get a leg up on the competition.

7 Outstanding Content Marketing Tips for Small Businesses by Adam Stetzer

Small businesses have historically been slow to adopt the content marketing strategies that corporate marketers use. But as SEO has evolved significantly in recent years, it has become clear that small businesses need to include how-tos, e-books, comparison guides, and other content marketing techniques to remain competitive in the rankings. Here are seven tips for creating outstanding content.

How to Publish on LinkedIn for Maximum Exposure by Henley Wing

Henley shares four tactics for publishing content that gets read and shared.

3 Ways to Use Google My Business for Your Marketing by Samantha Pena

Here are three ways you can take advantage of My Business to get a leg up on your competition.

4th of July social media
Americans celebrate the 4th of July with BBQs and fireworks, but brands can create “fireworks” of their own on social media this Independence Day. Check out the four must-reads below to learn how.
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It is amazing to think just a decade ago social media marketing did not really exist.

Now, not only is social media trumping traditional media in terms of popularity, but it also has become a place where companies are spending a significant amount of money.

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What’s going on in your marketing department doesn’t actually matter

Despite your natural inclinations to focus on what you can see, what’s happening right in front of you, in your office, is irrelevant if you aren’t seeing what’s happening in the real world market.

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Chill out baby it’s the weekend!

Maybe it’s been a tough week on you. Maybe you were hassled because your web traffic was down. Maybe your social media status updates were rejected by your legal team. Maybe you just need to chill out. Continue Reading..

The Emergence of Image Listening

Research and development is a core part of my daily life, so I spend a great deal of time testing out new apps and investigating new methods.  And of all the apps I’ve demoed in the past six months, one relatively new application’s potential utility stands out  in my mind: image recognition for brands.

Listening has been largely limited to text over the last few years. But–as our PR Strategist says “Seeing is the new reading.”  In an increasingly image-based paradigm for communications, identifying images in the wild has become a valuable tool for ultra-progressive marketing people.

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Beginning to think about escalating a social media marketing program or beginning a new one? These posts have been written to help you think through whether you need an agency, how to prepare for the search; and how to think through your use case. Best of luck!Continue Reading..

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