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About a week ago Firebelly Labs launched its first “smart” infographic over at Verge: the results we’ve seen so far have exceeded our expectations.

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Digital PR, Optimization, Mobile Research, Digital Futurism, and more

Over the last few years, Firebelly has focused on social media marketing. We have developed a bit of a reputation: some national clients, spoken all over the place, and are in the process of writing a book (Social According To Us). We’ve found that bringing outside thinking to the table has set us apart from other agencies in our realm. Mid 2013 one of our clients, Steve Hershberger of SteadyServ Technologies, challenged me to provide necessary services that were outside of our scope to help meet mixed use cases, go the extra mile, and generate more outcomes. Thus “Firebelly Labs” was born. Simple, unassuming, and definitely a part of our overall culture.

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When I was learning to drive, the very first thing my parents told me was no texting and driving! However, no one ever said anything about vining and driving.

Vine is a mobile app that allows users to view, share, and produce up to 6 second videos. One of my favorite “Viners,” Alx James, is known for vining while driving. Typically most of these vines deal with bad drivers, impatiently waiting at red lights, or anyone who might pull up next to him. While James’ vines are hilarious I never thought about how dangerous they could be. I always just saw the entertainment value.

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When I first discovered Twitter my sophomore year of high school I thought it would turn out to be a fad. Who really wants to receive constant updates about my life right in the palm of their hands?

However, Twitter started striking a chord with most of my friends as it became a way for us to see what we were all up to. In college it has become a way to stay posted on what is happening on campus, including updates on Butler basketball (those never come fast enough!), and the funny things we see around campus, like our Bulldog mascot, Blue 3, riding his skateboard.

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An update to Google+ is coming whether you like it or not.

Like me, you may have already gotten the email letting you know Google+ will now let anyone email you regardless of if you know them or not.

This new setting allows users to specify whether they would like to receive emails from people in their circles (people you know), extended circles (people you might know), or anyone on Google+ (people you probably don’t know).

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We have already covered #ThrowbackThursday, so from now on I expect to only see appropriately tagged photos on my Instagram timeline. Just kidding! We have more ground to cover, after all there are 7 days in a week!

This begs the question, which hashtags are associated with Friday?

First we have #FridayFunday. This one seems obvious since it is Friday! Who doesn’t love the start of the weekend? To quote R. Kelly, “It’s the freakin weekend baby. I’m about to have me some fun!”

Maybe you want to post an image of your happy hour cocktail or a picture of your desk clock after five. However you celebrate Friday’s arrival, this is the only rule that applies to this hashtag.

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A few weeks ago my father (@shashib) and I attended the New Media Expo in Las Vegas (If you want more information on this check out my Blogworld post).

While we didn’t stick around for as many sessions as last year, we met some great people and learned a ton. Here are some of the key takeaways:

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As I mentioned in my previous post, when Firebelly first contacted me to interview for a design position I was a little leery.

I had just recently moved back from a life-altering experience working in one of the most progressive design-thinking countries in the world, and was unsure about staying put in good ole’ Indiana.

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When Firebelly first contacted me to interview for a freelance design position, I was skeptical. I had recently moved back from Copenhagen, where I was an Art Director’s Assistant at INDEX: Design to Improve Life. After living in one of the most progressive design-thinking countries in the world, all I wanted to do was move away from Indiana. However, when I interviewed with Firebelly I found that one of the most progressive agencies had been right here all along.

I learned about INDEX: Design to Improve Life from an instructor at school. They had mentioned the non-profit organization after I expressed interest in using design for change. When I heard about the Design to Improve Life Summer School in Seoul, I  jumped at the opportunity.

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The Super Bowl is as American as apple pie. And despite its ties to being an integral part of American culture, it is still an event heavily trademarked by the NFL.

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