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Subtweets: is it something that people in their early twenties do (and useless to marketing people) or does it contain hidden customer experience gems.

There’s been a quiet phenomenon evolving in the social media landscape over the past several years.  People are alluding to personal problems, politics, friends, family and even brands without directly mentioning them. Welcome to subtweeting (and vague-booking).

For marketers the phenomena presents a challenge and an opportunity.  How can we broaden our awareness of conversations about our brands?  And how can an intimate understanding of subtweets inform this broadened awareness?
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Firebelly is starting a new video series that we’ll be airing in April: The WTF’s.

That stands for: Whiteboard Tutorial Focused Learning Sessions.

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When I was learning to drive, the very first thing my parents told me was no texting and driving! However, no one ever said anything about vining and driving.

Vine is a mobile app that allows users to view, share, and produce up to 6 second videos. One of my favorite “Viners,” Alx James, is known for vining while driving. Typically most of these vines deal with bad drivers, impatiently waiting at red lights, or anyone who might pull up next to him. While James’ vines are hilarious I never thought about how dangerous they could be. I always just saw the entertainment value.

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When I first discovered Twitter my sophomore year of high school I thought it would turn out to be a fad. Who really wants to receive constant updates about my life right in the palm of their hands?

However, Twitter started striking a chord with most of my friends as it became a way for us to see what we were all up to. In college it has become a way to stay posted on what is happening on campus, including updates on Butler basketball (those never come fast enough!), and the funny things we see around campus, like our Bulldog mascot, Blue 3, riding his skateboard.

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An update to Google+ is coming whether you like it or not.

Like me, you may have already gotten the email letting you know Google+ will now let anyone email you regardless of if you know them or not.

This new setting allows users to specify whether they would like to receive emails from people in their circles (people you know), extended circles (people you might know), or anyone on Google+ (people you probably don’t know).

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We have already covered #ThrowbackThursday, so from now on I expect to only see appropriately tagged photos on my Instagram timeline. Just kidding! We have more ground to cover, after all there are 7 days in a week!

This begs the question, which hashtags are associated with Friday?

First we have #FridayFunday. This one seems obvious since it is Friday! Who doesn’t love the start of the weekend? To quote R. Kelly, “It’s the freakin weekend baby. I’m about to have me some fun!”

Maybe you want to post an image of your happy hour cocktail or a picture of your desk clock after five. However you celebrate Friday’s arrival, this is the only rule that applies to this hashtag.

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A few weeks ago my father (@shashib) and I attended the New Media Expo in Las Vegas (If you want more information on this check out my Blogworld post).

While we didn’t stick around for as many sessions as last year, we met some great people and learned a ton. Here are some of the key takeaways:

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“TBT” or “Throwback Thursday” is one of the most popular hashtag trends on the web. According to Instagram, there are over 132 million photos bearing the tag. Obviously, it’s popular.

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While most New Year’s resolutions involve losing weight or saving money, one group of Australian scientists had an entirely different thought: “How can we save lives from shark attacks?”

Their answer? By making sharks tweet of course.

Researchers tagged 338 sharks with acoustic transmitters, including great whites, tiger sharks, and whaler sharks, to test their tweeting experiment.

According to a report in NPR, when a tagged shark was about half a mile away from a popular beach it triggered a computer alert via the floating monitors, which sent out a tweet on the @SLSWA Twitter handle noting the shark’s breed and approximate location.

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(Image via wikimotive)

The art of finding the optimal times to post updates, tweet, and share brand items on social media remains a conflicting mess of information.

Not only are the platforms themselves constantly getting new updates, the demographics of the people who use the platforms are continuously changing as well.

Since there is no tried and true way of knowing your posts are being published at the perfect time, it is important to know your brand’s audience and the habits of its fans.

Forget what the majority says is best. While you may have heard the lunch hour is the perfect time to post on Facebook or that tweets sent later in the week are more likely to be clicked on, nothing about social media is an exact science.

As Belle Beth Cooper from Buffer pointed out in a recent post for Fast Company, “We really need more time and more studies to get definitive answers about what works best, and the fact that our audience members are constantly changing their own activity patterns makes it even harder to work out for sure.”

If this information has you feeling discouraged, don’t fret. Any good social brand manager should be consistently reevaluating their strategies and not be looking for a stagnant solution.

After all, isn’t the evolving nature of the world of social media what makes it such a fascinating field to work in in the first place?

What struggles has your brand had in maximizing its social media impact? 

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