Social Media Promotions

A challenge that organizations face today is making sweepstakes and contests both appealing and, more importantly, social.

The basic idea around running social media promotions is to attract new users and energize existing users with the idea of winning something. While some may think they’re simple, promotions are really complex processes with many moving parts. We manage the planning, the creative approach, managing legal aspects, and drawing attention to the promotion.

The objective is to draw in new users and excite existing users with to spawn community growth. From our experience, we’ve found growth to range from 45% to over 1700%, with an average around 600%. While this makes social media promotions a no-brainer for almost any organization, there are some deeper aspects to make sure your promo runs smoothly:

  • Determine the most effective creative strategy
  • Pick the best platform
  • Attract attention
  • Make it simple for anyone to enter
  • Choose a relevant prize that draws excitement
  • Most importantly, work smoothly with the unpredictable elements of managing thousands of fans trying to win

Promotions can be highly affective for increasing awareness, building loyalty, and generating sales leads. More importantly, promotions can be very important in building your community and introducing new people to your story. Promotions are only limited by your commitment and budget.

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