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[fancyquote]“These guys get it. They solve problems and produce results.”
–Greg W.
Qdoba Mexican Grill[/fancyquote]

We’re social communications specialists.

We’re brand marketers focused on helping brands big or small, B2B or B2C, for-profit or non-profit produce measurable results through social media marketing efforts that support their overall marketing objectives and business goals.

Duncan Alney, CEO/Strategist

Duncan AlneyI’m responsible for maintaining the vision and overall direction of the company. I do this by developing relationships with key clients as well as identifying new ones. I am a person who is constantly looking at the bigger picture, whether that means analyzing what makes a place come to life to become a vibrant community or why certain brands elicit such enthusiasm and loyalty from consumers. Read on…

Cameron Hail, Director of Analytics

“CameronI’m the data driven guy who leads our team on developing insights and recommendations through analytics. Due to my right-brain left-brain contrast, I’m likely to be analyzing, questioning, and cross-referencing things to draw conclusions and sometimes creating something altogether new. Read on…

Chad Richards, Senior Social Media Manager

Chad RichardsI spearhead Firebelly’s research and development efforts and integrate findings into workable client programs. I’m very hands-on with contests and communities we manage in order to uncover and analyze any trends, behaviors or changes that may be occurring so that content approaches can be adjusted accordingly – allowing us to better serve both our clients and their customers.Read on…

Kacy Capobres, Editorial Director/Social Media Manager

Kacy CapobresI’m in charge of creating and maintaining the editorial integrity of the Firebelly website along with overseeing some of our client’s social programs. Read on…

Jacquelyn Yakira Halpern, Senior Designer

Jackie YakiraI don’t limit myself to strictly print or digital design. I have a variety of talents that are involved in my everyday lifestyle of being a “designer.” Among the many things that make up my position at Firebelly are being a conceptualizer, marketer, illustrator, prototyper, strategist, and copywriter. Read on…

Kelli Bauman, Designer

Kelli BaumanAs a designer, while I am responsible for ensuring a quick turnaround on graphic design projects, my main role has been visualizing our team’s strategies in an innovative way. Read on…

Stephanie Daily, Community Manager

Stephanie DailyAs a community manager, I am an advocate for our clients. I help answer all customer questions, find resources, and help them feel tied to the brand. My favorite part about this position is working on social media campaigns because they allow me to see what customers are saying and respond to them quickly, ensuring that they feel like they are a part of a community. Read on…

Emily Andersen, Public Relations Specialist

Emily AndersenEver since I could speak I was all about developing relationships, even if it meant talking up people in the cashier line. Luckily for me, my passion for people opened the door into the field of public relations. Read on…

Shelby Henderzahs, Business Development Associate

Shelby HenderzahsI am responsible for nurturing new and existing client relations through research and proposals. I aid our president Duncan with anything relating to the development of the client journey. Read on…

Katie Cessna, Content Developer

Katie CessnaI work with the team researching and developing ideas. My responsibilities include content development, writing blog posts and scheduling calendars for our various clients. Read on…

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