Social Media Marketing: Process Matters. You’ll Die Without It.

social media marketing process
Process matters. It’s critical. You’ll die without it.

This is certainly true when using social media for marketing – and specifically with social media management, social advertising and influencer relations (digital PR).
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3 Reasons People DON’T Love Your Brand On Social Media

social media valentines day
It’s almost Valentine’s Day and love is in the air, but has cupid’s arrow failed to hit your customers’ hearts on social media? Here are three common reasons why!
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How One Minute Of Listening & Responding Yields $40 in Revenue

social listening and responding
Listening for, and responding to, brand or product mentions on social media can pay rich dividends. In this post, I’d like to share a personal anecdote.
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How Your Brand Is Upsetting Customers On Social Media

brands upset customers on social media
If your customers come to you with complaints on your social media channels, what is the one thing you don’t want to do to upset them even more?
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Firebelly Continues Work With Upland Brewing Company

upland brewing social media marketing
Firebelly enjoyed working with Upland Brewing Company in 2014 and we’re excited to announce that we’ll be continuing to work with them through 2015! The brewery, based in Bloomington, Indiana, is an award-winning brewer of ales, lagers and sours with their own unique twist on traditional recipes.
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Step-By-Step Approach To Improving Social Media ROI

step-by-step social media approach
Last week, I wrote about 3 ways to increase social media ROI in 2015. This week, I’m going to expand on that—specifically, a step-by-step approach to (1) integrating managing your social media channels (2) integrating a paid approach and (3) digital PR.
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