Influencer Engagement: What is it? How Can I Make it Work for Me?

influencer engagement
By now social media campaigns are an integral part of many businesses. Almost everyone has a Facebook page or Twitter account to engage with fans and followers. But something that seems fairly new to the space is influencer engagement. This is a different approach than getting likes or gaining followers. It is even a separate mechanism from traditional public relations.

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3 Ways Brands Can “Get Lucky” On Social Media

social media four-leaf clover
Finding a brand that does everything right on social media is a lot like finding a four-leaf clover. In the spirit of St. Patrick’s Day, here are three ways to make your social media followers feel like they’ve found gold at the end of a rainbow.
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Social Media Marketing: Process Matters. You’ll Die Without It.

social media marketing process
Process matters. It’s critical. You’ll die without it.

This is certainly true when using social media for marketing – and specifically with social media management, social advertising and influencer relations (digital PR).
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