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It is amazing to think just a decade ago social media marketing did not really exist.

Now, not only is social media trumping traditional media in terms of popularity, but it also has become a place where companies are spending a significant amount of money.

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What’s going on in your marketing department doesn’t actually matter

Despite your natural inclinations to focus on what you can see, what’s happening right in front of you, in your office, is irrelevant if you aren’t seeing what’s happening in the real world market.

What really matters is what’s going on with customers, advocates, influencers, competitors, suppliers, partners, employers and a whole lot more.Continue Reading..

Chill out baby it’s the weekend!

Maybe it’s been a tough week on you. Maybe you were hassled because your web traffic was down. Maybe your social media status updates were rejected by your legal team. Maybe you just need to chill out. Continue Reading..

The Emergence of Image Listening

Research and development is a core part of my daily life, so I spend a great deal of time testing out new apps and investigating new methods.  And of all the apps I’ve demoed in the past six months, one relatively new application’s potential utility stands out  in my mind: image recognition for brands.

Listening has been largely limited to text over the last few years. But–as our PR Strategist says “Seeing is the new reading.”  In an increasingly image-based paradigm for communications, identifying images in the wild has become a valuable tool for ultra-progressive marketing people.

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Beginning to think about escalating a social media marketing program or beginning a new one? These posts have been written to help you think through whether you need an agency, how to prepare for the search; and how to think through your use case. Best of luck!Continue Reading..

Questions To Guide You As You Start Thinking Social

Did your VP of Marketing just walk in to your office and say “social media. we need it. make it happen. now”?
Here’s a few questions and suggestions to help you prepare for your mission – and to help you search for a social media marketing agency.

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Social Media Manager (Owned) and The Overall Firebelly Environment

As a Social Media Manager at Firebelly, you’ll look at things differently. They will appear different to you. Innovative thinking and energy will be a part of your approach. You’ll be a part of projects from start to finish – working with an internal and client team. Your philosophy, research and experience will become part of the work you produce. You’ll call it influence.Continue Reading..

Or Mix Cases Are More Common Than You Think

So you’ve done some introspection and you’ve decided that you might want to work with a social media marketing agency. Before you rush off to talk to a few firms (or don’t), think about what it is you’d like to get done.

What’s the challenge?

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Or when you really need one…

Below I’ve listed out twelve surefire signs that you don’t need a social media marketing agency. Congratulations! You are a rare breed and/or you are part of a world wide corporation that owns everything in sight! Check out the list. Give yourself a point for each statement that is true about you. If you score less than 12 – you probably do need a social media marketing agency…Continue Reading..

Marketers tend to be an optimistic breed. We stay positive most of the time and focus on hitting objectives. Often we’re met with the dissent of “what if” or “are you sure?” In this day of immense content marketing and online social interactions, clients often stop dead in their tracks with fear of what will be said when they push their brand out on social channels.
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