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asca conference
Our own Duncan Alney will be presenting “10 Ways to Take Your Social Media Marketing to the Next Level” at the 2014 American Society of Consulting Arborists Annual Conference, the only conference designed to help consulting arborists expand their careers, in Palm Springs, California on December 5th.
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Let me get a little deep on you.

Publishing is a relationship.
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black friday social media
Learn everything you need to know about Black Friday and social media in these five must-reads.
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real time marketing response
Most major brands know it’s extremely important to have a relevant social presence as a part of its marketing efforts, but how to execute that strategy has been the bigger challenge. Many social media marketers (and most marketing people I’ve talked to) aren’t super clear on the differences between real-time marketing and real-time response via social media.
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social media pay to play
It takes a lot of time, effort and talent to be successful on social media, but because brands didn’t have to pay to create an account, the perception that it was “free” existed.

Well, that “free ride” has come to an end. Sure, you still don’t have to pay to create an account, but if you want people to see your content, you’re going to have to pay to promote it.

Many of these “sites” are now public companies who need to make money to make shareholders happy.

Make yourself familiar with their ad platforms:

• Facebook Ads
• Instagram Sponsored Photos & Videos
• LinkedIn Targeted Self-Service Ads
• Pinterest Promoted Pins
• Twitter Ads

Need help with social ad management? We can help!

thanksgiving social media
It’s not too late for your brand to have some fun on social media this Thanksgiving. Get inspired with these five must-reads.
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facebook contest
Since Facebook no longer allows brands to require people to like a Facebook page in order to enter a contest, I’ve heard many question whether they should ever run another one on their Facebook page.
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ditto photo analytics
If you’re only doing hashtag and text-based searches for your brand, then you’re literally “missing the pictures.”
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vine marketingTwin Design /
Learn everything you need to know about marketing on Vine in these five must-reads.
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how to get more facebook fans
Facebook said goodbye to like-gating (or fan-gating) on November 5th—meaning brands can no longer require people to like their Facebook pages to enter a contest or access exclusive content.
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