January 13, 2011 Firebelly Marketing

Looking Into The Social Media Past

In preparation for the New Year, we’ve been working on transferring our Firebelly blog from Typepad to the beautiful WordPress content management system. While working on cleaning up the posts and transfering them over, I came across quite a few “gems” of posts from the past. It’s amazing how some things we didn’t even know about in 2007 or 08 became big news by 2010. Check out just a few examples…

The “Facebook Movie”

“The Facebook film, still untitled, will chronicle how an internal messaging system launched from a university dormitory grew into an online enterprise worth as much as 15 billion dollars.”
Facebook: From The Computer Screen To The Big Screen, August 2008

In mid-2008, news started to spread about a movie based on the rise of the popular social network. It gained the nickname “The Facebook Movie” and it created a huge buzz. Nobody was really sure what to expect, but we were all excited when the trailer for the film was finally released last July. Based on the struggle and rise to fame of Mark Zuckerberg, whom I look nothing like, the film finally released later in 2010, and Firebelly’s Duncan Alney posted a video review of the film, raving that it’s “essential to our culture.”


“Hulu.com, the joint venture between NBC Universal and Fox, will begin offering most of the two network’s popular shows online tomorrow…”
Hulu Opens To The Masses Tomorrow, March 2008

I can’t believe it’s only been three years since I’ve added Hulu to my favorites bar. It’s become essential in the daily life of myself and millions of others. Since the launch, ABC joined in on the venture with a 27% stake and Hulu Plus was launched in 2010. Hulu is now planning an initial public offering within the next couple years, which can value the site at over $2 billion. Pretty good for less than three years live on the web.


“What does that mean for us in digital marketing? … People all over the world will be able to have more meaningful mobile experiences, better internet applications (read: the end of Microsoft world domination), and easier-to-use interfaces.”
Tech Alliance Announces Android Open Platform For Mobile Devices, November 2007

We barely had time to notice that the iPhone was shooting to the top when the Open Handset Alliance announced that they were developing a new, open-source platform for mobile phones called Android. The mobile operating system was finally released  almost a year later in October of 2008, and quickly became strong competition to iPhone’s iOS, even surpassing the iPhone’s dominating lead just earlier this month.

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