June 10, 2011 Firebelly Marketing

What Does iOS 5 Mean For Facebook?

During the Monday announcement at Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference in San Francisco, it was made clear that Twitter will be heavily integrated in to the next version of iOS, the operating system used by iPhones and iPads. This left a lot of people, including me, wondering “What about Facebook?”

Obviously, somewhere along the line, Facebook and Apple decided they don’t like each other. After negotiations over the “Ping” service never went through, it seems the two companies aren’t on a talking basis anymore.

Does this mean a huge advantage for Twitter?

Simply put, yes. With the new integration, it’s easier than ever to share something quickly with friends, whether it’s an image or link, without even having to leave the app you’re in. Twitter has about 175 million users, compared to Facebook’s 700 million. Being easier to use means more growth, and with iPhone beginning to dominate the handset market, it means good things for Twitter.

Is this a huge blow to Facebook?

Yes… and no. Facebook is already huge, and people won’t stop using it just because they have easier access to Twitter. Facebook still has a richer social community, full of people communicating. It’s not going anywhere. However, you may see iOS users start to sway more toward Twitter, just because it’ll be so much easier to upload a picture or share something on that network.

Apple seems to have turned the cold shoulder to Facebook, and rubbed salt in the wound by striking a deal with Twitter. What do you say, will having easier access to Twitter make you use it more and Facebook less?

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