June 17, 2011 Firebelly Marketing

How Google’s Newest Announcements Will Affect SEO

On Tuesday, Google let loose on to the world a slew of new announcements, all changing the way users can search the web.

First and foremost is Search by Image, a new feature that opens desktop searching up to the features of Google Goggles for Android phones. In a style similar to the popular app, users can upload or enter the URL of pictures and instantly be presented with matches and all kinds of information – such as what the image is of, where it’s at (presented in Google Maps,) and can pick up any clear text in the image. Along with that, a new voice search was announced and the ability for Chrome to pre-load pages that you’re “very likely” to click.

So the changes to Google’s feature lineup leave a lot of people wondering how this will affect SEO and what they can do to possibly optimize their current site to take advantage of the new abilities. But the simple answer is: nothing’s changed. Google has simply introduced new ways to enter text in to the search box. When Google detects that an uploaded image is, for example, the St. Louis Arch, it’ll do a simple search for “Gateway Arch.” Voice commands just allow the user to say a search topic rather than type it. So far, none of the search giant’s new features appear to change rankings or how they’re determined in any way.

On that note, it’ll be interesting to see how this concept will be used in the future. Pictures could become the new QR code, where taking a picture of a building may present you with more information. And if you stretch your imagination a little bit, maybe you can hum a song or jingle in to voice search and see if Google detects it. The company tends to create the future of the web. If singing the “meow meow MEOW meow” jingle will take me to Meox Mix’s page, couldn’t that be used as a great promotion?

But that’s the future, this is now. Currently, the changes just appear to be on the user end, and not change search engine optimization in any way. They’re still fun, though.

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