June 22, 2011 Firebelly Marketing

Shazam At The Signal

Music-lovers have been Shazaming songs they can’t quite identify for years now. I know my life is a little less stressful now that I don’t have to agonize over why I can’t name that tune.

But what if holding up your phone to a speaker not only provided you that song name you couldn’t quite place but also unlocked exclusive video content and song downloads? That’s exactly what Bravo’s partnership with Shazam is doing on Platinum Hit.

When “Platinum Hit” — a music competition show that blends song writing and performing — premiered at the end of May, Bravo immediately encouraged viewers to Shazam a portion of each episode when the identified icon appeared on the TV screen. After Shazaming, fans have access to exclusive content on all digital platforms, including playlists from the judges and contestants, full performances of each week’s winning song and footage from the judges’ deliberation.

This is the first time Bravo has pursued this digital adventure, and based on its success, I won’t be surprised to see other music competition shows following their lead in upcoming seasons. American Idol could offer exclusive coaching footage with each week’s professional mentor and the contestants, as well as next-day downloads contestants singing their weekly songs. Shazam during NBC’s The Voice and unlock tips from the coaches on fans can improve singing and performance abilities, as well home music videos of the final 4 contestants before they were competing on national TV.

Do you think the Shazam approach to digital interactivity Bravo debuted on “Platinum Hit” will catch on in the music competition sector of the TV industry? What other competition reality shows can take advantage of similar tactics?

Tell me your thoughts.

Alyson Ahrns is a contributing content developer for Firebelly Marketing, reporting live from New York City. Follow her adventures on Twitter.

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