August 9, 2011 Firebelly Marketing

The Gap Serves The Taco, Emphasizes Social Media

Mobile food vendors, or food trucks, are becoming a growing trend all over the country. While it’s far from a new idea, it’s gaining new-found popularity thanks to the ease of communicating and growing a following through social networking. Everywhere from New York to Indy, people are flocking to the streets to get authentic, unique foods from unique people. So, obviously, it was only a matter of time before corporations tried to get in the game… but Gap?

The Gap, while hoping you forgot about that whole logo debacle, has been working to develop their own taco truck. With help from the host of Syfy channel’s “Marcel’s Quantum Kitchen,” @PicoDeGapLA will be hitting Los Angeles and other major cities soon, but begs the question: Why?

Simple answer: it’s a unique way to cash in on a trend. Nobody expects a clothing retailer to be serving taco’s prepared by a reality TV star. It sparks curiosity.

Less simple answer: Not many people consider The Gap to be as relevant as it was in the early 1990’s, for various reasons. This means the company has to grasp hold of any opportunity it can to keep itself fresh. The idea behind this taco truck, they claim, is to place emphasis on their new line of “1969” denim… and it may actually prove to be successful. As this story sparks, more people will be sharing it on social media. If spreads like fire, then nearly every internet-savvy American will have heard of the taco truck and its affiliated denim collection. Brand awareness, if done well, can lead to huge sales.

“Some of the greatest things we’ve done are mistakes,” says a Gap spokesman. After the new Gap logo and Forth & Towne, the company has a long list of mistakes to learn from. But now that they’re targeting social media, could this be a win for the brand? After all, for less than two bucks you get two tacos and a $20 coupon for the denim.

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