September 13, 2011 Firebelly Marketing

GetGlue Gets Down to Business

GetGlue, the social service that many call “the Foursquare of entertainment,” launched its dashboard for marketers this week. The program allows official marketers of TV shows, books, movies and all other entertainment mediums to manage their accounts through tracking stats and managing promotional campaigns. This will make pulling tangible results from the service and enhancing offerings from the entertainment medium to the fans much easier and concise.

If you haven’t heard of or used GetGlue, it’s easy and simple to get into. The service allows its users to check in to the television shows and movies they’re watching, the music that they are listening to and the books they’re reading.  Like Foursquare, the more you check in, the more stickers you earn, and each medium has a Guru (the Foursqaure equivalent of a Mayor). Unlike Foursquare, the more you use the service, the more it learns about your tastes and interests, and it will begin to recommend TV shows, movies and books that you might like (like Amazon does). And, of course, you can share your GetGlue check-ins on Facebook and Twitter.

Last year, GetGlue started to get a strong footing in the social media world, and entertainment companies immediately noticed the marketing potential. HBO was one of the first networks to sign on as a partner. The network chose one of their most fan-engaged shows, True Blood, to use as the guinea pig for the partnership. For checking into the show and commenting on the episodes, HBO rewarded the fans with incentives that could be redeemed to purchase True Blood merchandise in the HBO online store. All users received 10% off, Superfans (Makers) received a 20% discount, and a $50 gift card was rewarded to one Guru – the most knowledgeable fan of True Blood as voted on by his or her fellow users.

“We’ve been experimenting in this space, because HBO is an inherently social brand with programming that tends to inspire conversation, and GetGlue had the biggest reach,” Sabrina Caluori, HBO’s director of marketing and social media, said at the time the partnership was announced. “For us, we see it is a way to reward our brand ambassadors and super fans. What’s pretty fascinating as well is that it tells us a lot about our consumer behavior. We can see how many people are checked in during a live broadcast versus potentially time-shifted or on-demand viewing, and then look at when they’re using these services. That will help us moving forward.”

Other media companies big on GetGlue are Showtime, Sony Pictures and Creative Artists Agency (to promote their musical artists).

Now that GetGlue has a more organized platform for businesses, I am excited to see where media companies take their promotions. For example, fans could check in and submit their favorite quotes from a TV show, and the network could make it into an exclusive t-shirt sold in their online store for only GetGlue fans. The stats this service provides to media companies are invaluable, as determining the engagement of viewers is a highly coveted marketing tool in our current world that revolves around online conversations.

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