November 3, 2011 Duncan Alney

Is Brandon Prebynski The Most Eligible Man In Social Media Marketing?

What do Nicki Minaj, “techertainment”, solomo, and walks on the beach have in common?

Brandon Prebynski is at once engaging, funny and charming. He doesn’t do coffee – juice only please. He’s worked at companies like Pearson Publishing and Cisco. His questions have stumped national speakers. He’s most recently fascinated by video, mobile, and analytics. Here’s some insight into his psyche through an interview we did a couple of weeks ago.

I finally caught up with Brandon who is now working for a secret tech company in San Francisco

What are you doing these days?
Oh, just hanging out with Nicki Minaj and stuff; you know, the usual. I’m also working with a major tech company on social media efforts, doing some fun “techertainment” projects with some awesome people in the industry, and editing some tech books when the schedule allows. I don’t know if “techertainment” is a thing or not, so if not, (c) 2011 Brandon Prebynski.

Are you a social being in person?
Nope. J/K. People motivate me. Learning about other people and their passion is really inspiring. Being able to see people doing what they love and crushing it is really a kick in the pants sometimes. No matter what it is they do, I love being around those types of people. One of my favorite quotes: “Success is never achieved without optimism”…who said that?

Spotify? Hype or shyte?
Big fan of Spotify here. Right now, anyway. I think they are doing some innovative stuff with music distribution. The pay model is new, so it will be interesting to see how that model of monetizing the service evolves over time.

Are you the most eligible man in social media marketing?
Really, Duncan? Was this part of the standard survey questions?…

What are the values that you connect through?
Optimism. A drive for success. Creativity. Dedication. Honesty. Humor. There is humor in every situation; sometimes it’s not appropriate, but it’s there, and I will chuckle. Being reliable. Respect. Willing to take risks. And being just a bit crazy. Is thinking strategically a value?…add it to the list.

Complete these sentences:

Twitter is…not being used to its potential.

LinkedIn is…where you wear a suit and tie.

Facebook is…always changing.

Google Plus…feels a bit idle right now. Businesses will have to be able to find value in Google+ as a platform and network for it to pick up speed.

The problem with social media marketing today is…that implementation varies across the web for each brand that wants to integrate social into their business. So much is possible, and we are at just the tip of the iceberg. From custom app development, to adding social functionality to a site, to working with multiple APIs, to building a measurement systems, there is so much more that all businesses can do. Is it possible to be a completely social business? Keep paving roads.

The thing to watch closely is…Mobile. Video. Analytics.

I love…change.

I predict…the end of the world on May 21…wait, what?

Describe yourself in 5 words.
Long walks on the beach…oh, this isn’t for

The best kept secret is…Enzo Alney is secretly a superhero.

Duncan Alney

Duncan Alney

CEO at Firebelly
Fun Fact: Duncan co-authored the book "Facebook Marketing Secrets." He founded Firebelly in 2001.
Duncan Alney

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Duncan Alney Fun Fact: Duncan co-authored the book "Facebook Marketing Secrets." He founded Firebelly in 2001.

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