November 30, 2011 Duncan Alney

Indiana AIDS Fund’s #knowpositive Campaign: Social Media For Good

Help us raise funds for 500 AIDS test kits

December 1st is World AIDS Day. I’ll be tweeting as part of an all day Indiana AIDS Fund “Tweetathon” to raise money for 500 free AIDS test kits that cost $10 each.

The parts I like best about this are (a) it’s easy to see where the funds raised are going – 100% will go towards these 500 test kits (b) it’s a great use of my time, relationships, and network.

Unlike the five marathons I’ve completed – there has been no special diet, no special training and no one to cheer me at the finish line. However, 500 people who cannot afford AIDS tests will benefit from this – and will be in the “know”. And that’s big – especially with national statistics showing that 1 in 4 Americans with HIV don’t even know they have it. That’s why I’m doing this.


Social Media

The program is planning to use social media aggressively to get the word about the Indiana AIDS Fund, who is spearheading the campaign, and World AIDS day and raise these necessary funds. Twitter, Facebook and Blogging are all part of the social media mix.

Lets change how we view “Community Support”

Most of us don’t have thousands of dollars to give. Or billions like Bill Gates or Oprah. We need their support – but the press coverage they get leaves the rest of us – with our time or our $10 to give – feeling pretty small.

Let me ask you this question. So Bill Gates could give $5,000 for these 500 kits (but probably won’t by tomorrow). OR 500 of us can give $10 each. The impact will be the same. Our $10 can change someone’s world.

How you can help
1. Join me by texting “KNOW” to 20222
2. Tweet or retweet me tomorrow morning (hashtag: #knowpositive)
3. Donate a status update on Facebook tomorrow with a message about the text campaign (or save and share the image above)
4. Get a friend to text “KNOW” to to 20222

Together, small things can make a beautiful, big difference.*

*For those of you who know me – this is the essence of Twenty4Change.

Duncan Alney

Duncan Alney

CEO at Firebelly
Fun Fact: Duncan co-authored the book "Facebook Marketing Secrets." He founded Firebelly in 2001.
Duncan Alney

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Duncan Alney Fun Fact: Duncan co-authored the book "Facebook Marketing Secrets." He founded Firebelly in 2001.

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