January 24, 2012 Firebelly Marketing

Facebook Page Management Tip #3: Ask Probing Questions

The main reason people get on Facebook is to engage with friends and family, not brands. So, it’s important to relate to your audience and spark conversation by inadvertently getting them to engage. But, how is this done?

There are a number of ways, but one of the most important is to ask lifestyle questions. Lifestyle questions are questions like, ‘what’s your favorite movie’ or ‘where’s the most exotic place you have traveled?’ Be sure not to go overboard with these kinds of questions on your page though, it could annoy your fans and that’s the last thing we want to do.

Asking these types of questions will resonate with people and prompt them to respond and converse with your brand. The fact of the matter is when someone likes your page it doesn’t mean they have any real affinity for your brand, what that like does mean, however, is that person is open to engagement, content and conversations.

Are you asking your fans probing questions? Stop back by next Tuesday for Facebook Page Management Tip #4: Ask For Different Perspectives.

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