February 7, 2012 Firebelly Marketing

Facebook Page Management Tip #5: Offer Incentives

You scratch my back, I'll scratch yours

Facebook fans love incentives–you scratch my back, I’ll scratch your back. Think about your personal page and the feeling you get when you start getting likes or comments on a post about finding your new favorite restaurant or a photo of you at the Super Bowl. When you receive those interactions you are more inclined to like or comment on that person’s posts too (you got to give love to get love). The same goes for business pages—your fans get that same feeling when they receive engagement from your brand.

The majority of people on Facebook are there to interact with friends and family, not businesses. That’s why giving incentives are an intriguing way to engage fans and make them feel special. On your end, incentives will boost your number of fans, traffic and interactions on you page.

There are several ways to offer incentives, here are a few:

  • Run a sweepstakes or contest
  • Gift card giveaway with trivia questions
  • Offer a percentage off or a coupon for liking the page

What do you offer your fans as incentives? Leave a comment. Stop by next Tuesday for the final post in this series: Facebook Page Management Tip #6: Offer A Diversity Of Moods

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