February 14, 2012 Firebelly Marketing

Facebook Page Management Tip #6: Offer A Diversity Of Moods

In Facebook Page Management Tip #3: Asking Probing Questions, I discussed that people are on Facebook to engage with friends and family, not brands. But, you can inadvertently spark conversation with your fans if you relate to them. In addition to asking questions, you need to give your Page a human voice.

Fans can become bored and unresponsive if you are always praising yourself or playing 20 questions with them. It’s about building relationships and conversations with real people, not a brand.

Share local news articles, ask how you can make your business or Page better, share photos and videos, the list goes on and on. It’s time to start viewing your fans as friends and build a relationship.

Brains on Fire says it best, “Reframing conversation is about going from what role does our product play in people’s lives to what role can we play? It’s from a product role to a social role.”

Is your brand playing the product role or the social role?

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