May 14, 2012 Chad Richards

Instagram Marketing: 5 Must-Reads

Here are your 5 must-reads on Instagram marketing that we don’t want you to miss.

Instagram marketing

The Rise of Instagram in Social Marketing: Tapping Into Consumer Creativity
By Andy Parker In just the past few weeks, there has been an explosion of brands jumping on the Instagram bandwagon. Track Social has been following brands’ use of Instagram on Facebook through it’s searchable database of active Facebook apps and we have seen a continuous stream of new Instagram initiatives.

5 Awesome Examples of Instagram Marketing From Real Brands
By Lauren Sorenson Mobile photo sharing is now a part of our future and is one of the fastest growing social media trends of the last few years. Big brands are starting to take notice, using the trend to their advantage.

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3 Marketing Lessons Learned From Facebook’s Acquisition of Instagram
By Matthew Siegel Facebook just spent $1 billion on a company with no business model — just the proven capability to engage consumers while they create. Marketers should take a cue from Facebook’s move and apply the following tips.

5 Creative Ways to Use Instagram for Marketing
By Jessica McLaughlin Storytelling is one of the most effective ways for a brand to connect with its target audience, and Instagram is one of the most popular ways to tell that story through pictures. But how do you stand out from the pack?

4 Ways B2B Marketers Can Take Advantage of Instagram
By Jesse Noyes B2B companies haven’t taken to those fuzzy Instagram filters like their B2C counterparts. That’s too bad. The truth is Instagram offers a number of effective b2b marketing tactics your brand should be taking advantage of – from raising awareness to engaging prospects and leads. Here we outline 4 ways B2B marketers can use Instagram.

Chad Richards

Chad Richards

Senior Social Media Manager at Firebelly
Fun Fact: Chad was named "Most Influential Up & Comer" at the inaugural Social Media Summit. He's been with Firebelly since 2007.
Chad Richards
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Chad Richards

Fun Fact: Chad was named “Most Influential Up & Comer” at the inaugural Social Media Summit. He’s been with Firebelly since 2007.

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