June 19, 2012 Chad Richards

It’s Not Your Facebook Page, It’s You (That’s The Problem)

I hear it a lot. “We had/have a Facebook page, but it didn’t/doesn’t do anything.” If you’re thinking this right now about your brand’s Facebook page, forgive me for being the bearer of bad news, but your Facebook page is not going to do anything. YOU have to do something…

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First, YOU have to determine if your audience is on Facebook.

Don’t assume that you need a Facebook page because you’ve been told everyone is on Facebook. Your particular audience may not be. They may congregate more heavily on LinkedIn or Twitter or Google+ or Pinterest. Investigate, then be where your customers are.

Second, YOU have to promote your page so people know it exists.

Once you’ve determined that your audience is on Facebook, you need to let them know you are there. If you build it, they will not come. Promote your page. Run targeted Facebook Ads and send an email to your customers announcing your presence on Facebook. Tip: don’t just tell them “Like us on Facebook.” Let them know why they should Like your Facebook page – tell them what’s in it for them.

Third, YOU have to create (or curate) content your audience wants.

If people don’t like what you’re sharing on your Facebook page, they’ll un-Like you, hide your content from their News Feed and/or never engage. The less they engage, the even less visible you will be in the News Feed (thanks to the EdgeRank algorithm). Use Facebook Insights, or a more advanced analytics tool (I like Pagelever), to evaluate the kinds of content your fans are responsive to. Post more of what they like.

Fourth, YOU have to be open to (and care about) customer questions and complaints.

It’s a big fear of many brands and it’s going to happen – customers are going to post questions and complaints. You can’t ignore them. Even if you get their email addresses and take it off Facebook or post an “I’m not sure, but we’re looking into this and will get back to you,” you must address every single one. We’ve worked with many brands on their Facebook efforts. The ones who genuinely care about their customers, who are open to (and even solicit) feedback, are the ones who have the thriving communities.

YOU don’t have to do this alone. If you need help with any of these steps, please post your question in a comment below. You can ask us on our Facebook page or shoot me a tweet (I’m @chadrichards).

Chad Richards

Chad Richards

Senior Social Media Manager at Firebelly
Fun Fact: Chad was named "Most Influential Up & Comer" at the inaugural Social Media Summit. He's been with Firebelly since 2007.
Chad Richards
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Chad Richards Fun Fact: Chad was named "Most Influential Up & Comer" at the inaugural Social Media Summit. He's been with Firebelly since 2007.

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