August 28, 2012 Erik Deckers

You Ruined the Internet for the Rest of Us. Thank You.

With the Google Panda and Google Penguin updates, content marketing just got harder for everyone else.

The problem was, people were creating “thin content.” This is the poorly-written crap that’s thrown together with an article spinner and an infinite number of monkeys, trying to trick search engines into ranking their stuff higher than it should have been.

It meant that people weren’t thinking about the people who would actually read what they had come up with. Ranking first was the goal, and it was assumed that sales would soon follow. Problem is, if you have crappy content, you’ll get crappy results and people will leave your site in a few seconds, never having bought anything from you in the first place. So what good did all that thin content do for you?Can of Spam

What it’s actually done is made the work harder for the rest of us. It means we have to write better, more interesting, more compelling content that people want to read. It means we have to do our research, keep up with the problems readers are having, and figure out how to reach them.

Thank you very much.

What this means is that companies and individuals who were doing it the right way all along were able to fill the vacuum left by the Google Panda victims being flushed down the crapper where it belonged.

It meant the end of the 30 word “Read More” blog posts whose link led to another 30 word post that led to another 30 word post, and so on.

It meant the end of sentences like “To learn more about the antioxidant effects of grape juice, download this white paper about the antioxidant effects of grape juice, entitled The Antioxidant Effects of Grape Juice.”

It means that marketers need to understand how content marketing works, and need to work with professionals who can actually do it effectively.

It means that while some black hat and gray hat SEO “professionals” are still trying to peddle their poor-performing tactics, real content marketers are able to pick up the clients they abandoned when their house of spam finally collapsed.

It means now we can get some real marketing done.

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